Bareboat charter Croatia

You would like to be a captain and the skipper in charge on your chartered yacht then the bareboat charter in Croatia is ideal for you. But if you decide on a bareboat cruising, please make sure you possess the necessary license for the boat you want. One of the benefits of the bareboat sailing at your own pace is your privacy. A bareboat charter provides you with the freedom to discover hidden bays and snorkel in all the best spots.

Sailing boats charter List all

Sailing Boat charter is meant usually for more experienced yachtsmen. They are the choice of those who look for a more active time at sea and who consider sailing sensation to be more important than comfort.



Motor yachts charter List all

Motor Yachts in our charter offer are fast, comfortable and don't require great navigating experience and skills. If you are looking for good times and comfort at sea, they are the right choice for you.



Catamaran charter List all

Catamarans are a special type of boats. Since they have two hulls, they are more stable and spacious than monohulls. They provide excellent sailing sensation in addition to great comfort.



Ribs List all

We have different types of rib boats in our offer, ranging from 5 up to 15 meters. These inflatable boats are ideal for one week charter in Croatia if you decide to rent accommodation by the sea and you want to explore nearby islands and bays.



Crewed charter Croatia

If you charter one of the bigger yachts, usually longer than 50 feet, you will probably get at least two crew members on it. The crewed yacht is your floating hotel where you are the only guest. When you charter a crewed yacht - your crew will fulfill all your request if possible. A professional captain will navigate your customized itinerary and hostess will serve you breakfast or other light meals. Crewed charter is a perfect opportunity to get spoiled on board. Your captain and hostess can suggest routes, hidden bays, the best marinas, and restaurants on the islands you visit.

List of luxury yachts List all

Luxury Yachts are luxuriously furnished and fully equipped. The crew takes care of absolutely everything on board; all you need to do is relax and have fun.



Gulets charter List all

Gulets charter are a special category of motorsailers. This type of boat built like traditional Turkish trading ship, varying in size from 14 to 35 meters (up to 20 berths) and it is popular for tourist charters.



Mini Cruisers for charter List all

Mini cruisers are an excellent choice for bigger groups who would like to visit and explore Croatia islands. They are very spacious and can accommodate up to 42 people, all with ensuite facilities.



Motor sailers charter List all

Motor Sailers charter besides pleasant ambience and unique sensation of sailing on a wooden motor sailer, these ships are fully crewed so you do not have to worry about absolutely anything on board.



Early booking offer

Our company offers early booking discounts, where you can save from 5 up to 20% of the posted price if you make a reservation in advance. Most of these offers are valid until 31st of December or sometimes even until 31st of January, depending on the boats which you decide to charter. These discounts will only apply when you are paying a 50% of your charter price immediately upon the signing of the contract and other 50% from the 4-6 week before your charter period. We highly recommend you to book your holiday in advance, so you take advantage of our discounts and also because you have a variety of choice among the boats.

Custom Blanka
Custom Blanka Year 1990 Berths 6
2.6.2018. - 30.6.2018.
Cranchi Z 35
Cranchi Z 35 Year 2018 Berths 4
16.6.2018. - 23.6.2018.
Dufour 520 GL
Dufour 520 GL Year 2018 Berths 12
21.4.2018. - 28.4.2018.
Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 New
Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 New Year 2018 Berths 8
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 512 Grand Large
Dufour 512 Grand Large Year 2017 Berths 10
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 460 Grand Large
Dufour 460 Grand Large Year 2017 Berths 10
14.4.2018. - 21.4.2018.
Dufour 56 Exclusive
Dufour 56 Exclusive Year 2017 Berths 11
21.4.2018. - 28.4.2018.
Bavaria 46 Cruiser new
Bavaria 46 Cruiser new Year 2016 Berths 8
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Bavaria 50 Cruiser
Bavaria 50 Cruiser Year 2008 Berths 9
7.7.2018. - 14.7.2018.
Dufour 520 GL
Dufour 520 GL Year 2018 Berths 12
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 460 Grand Large
Dufour 460 Grand Large Year 2018 Berths 10
21.4.2018. - 28.4.2018.
Dufour 455
Dufour 455 Year 2010 Berths 10
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 34 Evolution
Dufour 34 Evolution Year 2010 Berths 4
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 335
Dufour 335 Year 2012 Berths 6
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Elan 514 Maxi
Elan 514 Maxi Year 2007 Berths 12
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 375
Dufour 375 Year 2012 Berths 8
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 325
Dufour 325 Year 2010 Berths 6
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 500 Grand Large
Dufour 500 Grand Large Year 2014 Berths 12
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 410 Grand Large
Dufour 410 Grand Large Year 2015 Berths 8
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 500 Grand Large
Dufour 500 Grand Large Year 2015 Berths 12
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 410 Grand Large
Dufour 410 Grand Large Year 2014 Berths 8
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 450 Grand Large
Dufour 450 Grand Large Year 2014 Berths 10
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 385
Dufour 385 Year 2008 Berths 8
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 410 Grand Large
Dufour 410 Grand Large Year 2015 Berths 8
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 445
Dufour 445 Year 2012 Berths 8
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 455
Dufour 455 Year 2008 Berths 10
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Dufour 382
Dufour 382 Year 2015 Berths 6
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Elan 45 Impression
Elan 45 Impression Year 2016 Berths 10
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449 Year 2017 Berths 10
11.8.2018. - 18.8.2018.
Bali 4.5
Bali 4.5 Year 2017 Berths 10
23.6.2018. - 30.6.2018.
Lagoon 42
Lagoon 42 Year 2017 Berths 12
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Fountaine Pajot Orana 44
Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 Year 2011 Berths 8
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Lagoon 400 S2
Lagoon 400 S2 Year 2013 Berths 10
12.5.2018. - 19.5.2018.
Lagoon 39
Lagoon 39 Year 2014 Berths 8
5.5.2018. - 12.5.2018.
Fountaine Pajot Saona 47
Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 Year 2018 Berths 10
19.5.2018. - 26.5.2018.
Lagoon 42 charter
Lagoon 42 charter Year 2018 Berths 10
5.5.2018. - 12.5.2018.
Fountaine Pajot Salina 48
Fountaine Pajot Salina 48 Year 2009 Berths 8
4.8.2018. - 11.8.2018.
Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi 40
Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi 40 Year 2007 Berths 10
28.7.2018. - 4.8.2018.

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Colin (UK)

We had a marvellous holiday and I am writing to thank you for all your help and assistance. The boat was presented in excellent condition, exceptionally clean and very well equipped. The team at Kremik were first class and I would ask that you thank them for all their efforts.
We'll be back!

Alexander (Russia)

Thank You a lot! That was amazing trip! You got a such a nice country! So nice people!
The nature just perfect!
Thank You so much!

Massimo (Italy)

I just want to tell you that our experience sailing Croatia was absolutely positive. The marina staff was very friendly and helpful, they were of great assistance and gave us all necessary information. The boat was just as I had expected, clean and in good condition and we had no problems while sailing.
Congratulations and thank you. We will definitely be back and until then I send you kind regards.

Allan (UK)

We would like to thank your company for a fantastic trip. In particular we were extremely happy with our captain. He was a superb captain and all of the crew was extremely pleased to have him on board. He also suggested a very enjoyable route for the trip. Our particular boat was also in perfect condition and we only had smooth sailing over the seven days.
I will definitely be recommending your company to friends who are interested in visiting Croatia.

Peter (Germany)

We had a truly outstanding week, skipper, weather, destinations, boat... Everything just fine, and most enjoyable.

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