Yacht types

Luxury yachts

Words that first come to mind when thinking of mega yachts are luxury and comfort. This category of yachts includes vessels that are longer than 20 m (60-65 ft), luxuriously furnished, completely equipped and can be chartered only with crew. Captain, cook, sailor and hostess will take care of absolutely all things on board, and all you should do is relax and have fun. If you want, you can choose your itinerary, menus and other things, but you can always rely on your crew for advice or suggestion. Still, in case of bed weather or any other problems at sea, you must always listen to your captain – he is most experienced and for general wellbeing you must do as he says.

Luxury yachts belong to a special category of vessels that lean more towards the floating houses than boats. They provide special comfort and deluxe treatment for you and your guests on longer cruises as well as shorter routs. Depending on your needs and preferences you can choose from different models, but whichever yacht you choose you can count on having an extremely pleasant and luxurious cruise – you won’t have to worry about anything and you will have everything you need or wish for.
The crew quarters (cabins and bathrooms) are usually separated from the guest quarters so you can have your privacy, and the rest of the spacious yacht is equipped with everything you might need. Also, considering the size and spaciousness of mega yachts it is highly unlikely for even the most sensitive of you have sea sickness or other similar problems.

Motor yachts

Main characteristics of motor yachts are speed and comfort. These are also their main advantages in comparison to other boat types. Although they are smaller than mega yachts, some models are so big and spacious that you won’t have any feeling of being squeezed in, which is very common at sea.
Compared to sailboats, motor yachts have a shallower draft, which allows them to enter smaller and shallower inlets. They are also simpler to navigate and don’t require you to have special knowledge and experience. besides, they are comfortable, spacious, nicely furnished, well equipped, and more stabile than sailboats.

One of their key features is speed, so you can visit many places in little time; if you find yourself in a port you don’t particularly like, you can simply and quickly take yourself anywhere. Speedy drive gives you not only freedom of movement, but sense of excitement and pleasure as well. Driving a motor yacht is exciting, joyful and fun.

It is common practice that larger models are chartered with at least one crew member. They are very powerful and they are often difficult to control and navigate so it is important to have an experienced skipper who knows the ship as well as the sailing area. If the yacht is chartered with crew only, there is usually a separate crew cabin.
However, if there is no such thing as crew cabin, when choosing a boat for charter keep in mind you need to reserve berths for skipper (and hostess) also.

There are also smaller motor yachts. They are not as comfortable as larger models, but that is also not their main purpose. They are made to take you quickly and easily to your destination.
Also, keep in mind that motor yachts use a lot more fuel than sailboats so you don’t get stuck somewhere at the open sea or surprised by the total amount it will cost you.

Sailing boats

New sailboat models are longer, more spacious and more comfortable than older ones. This particularly goes for charter sailboats. These boats are completely equipped with all elements necessary for pleasant time at sea. Cabins, saloon, galley, bathrooms are all nicely furnished and spacious enough so you can spend longer time living there.

Most popular charter choices are longer models with more cabins so you can invite more people to join you. These models are also wider, more spacious and more stabile as well. Sailboats are not fast as motor yachts, so they are ideal for shorter cruises and island hopping, which is an attractive and favorite way of cruising Adriatic.

Sailboats will also give you a sense of pleasure and excitement of sailing because they require certain skills and effort, especially if you’re driven by wind instead of engine. This way you also spend less fuel which is more economical and eco-friendly.
Sailboats are an excellent choice for more experienced yachtsmen who consider the sailing to be more important than absolute comfort.

Although modern charter boats don’t require great skill, still you can’t charter one without a skipper if you don’t have enough experience. On the other hand, having a skipper on board is always a good thing. He can teach you a lot about navigation and it is always good to have a professional on board.


Catamarans make a special type of sailboats. They consist of two connected hulls; considering their construction they are more stabile and spacious than monohulls. Catamarans are roomy inside and outside on decks. They are relatively low and have swimming ladder which makes them easily reachable, and in addition to that they allow good visibility and bring plenty of natural light in.

Catamarans are ideal choice for families and larger groups, and they are safer for small children and yachtsmen beginners than monohulls.
Considering their wide and spacious interior there is little chance of feeling squeezed in or claustrophobic.

Another good thing about their layout is a separate skipper cabin, which is accessible through saloon but directly from the deck also. Not all models have this option, but regardless of that, you will still have enough of your private space on a catamaran.
Compared to monohulls, they are also easier to navigate and don’t require any special experience. However, if you are not certain of your skills, we strongly recommend hiring a skipper.

Catamarans are a good choice for those with little or no experience on board, as well as for those more experienced sailors looking for comfort and space.

Motor sailers

These large motor sailers will certainly show you what a true pleasure of sailing is. In addition to pleasant ambiance and a unique experience of sailing on a traditional wooden ship, there is a full crew on board who take care of everything – navigation, cleaning, food, fees in marinas… All you need to do is to relax, enjoy the wonderful scenery around you and explore the towns you visit.

Routes are designed by experienced professionals – ships’ captains and travel agents – and you can rely on them to create an itinerary that allows you to visit the most attractive locations. However, in case of bad weather or lack of berths at settled marina, the captain can slightly change the route.

Motor sailer cruises are popular among people of all ages. It also doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone or in a group, because you always meet new people on board.
All ships are not the same category and size, so you shouldn’t have any trouble having one that fully meets your needs and requirements (double bed, private bathroom…).
You can charter the whole ship or just a cabin (or even a berth, if you don’t mind sharing a cabin with a stranger), which is also subject to your preferences. If you charter the entire ship, you can easily set all details regarding menus, changing the route and other with the crew.

Most agents sell you half board (breakfast and lunch), but there is sometimes an opportunity to pay extra for dinner on board (although it is probably more pleasant to dine out at one of the restaurants).
Besides food, you can have various sports’ equipment on board, but you must ask for them extra when making your booking. Before booking you must also make all special requests you might have.

Wooden ships had been the sole means of transportation to distant destinations for centuries. They originated in East Mediterranean.
Motor sailers we have today are replicas of the middle-aged models, and are available only in Croatia, Greece and Turkey. The reason for this lies, besides tradition, in very indented coastline with thousands of islands – an ideal setting for light and romantic cruises, so called “island hopping”.


Gulets are replicas of old Turkish trading ships and are a special category of motor sailers.
Unlike motor sailers that can accommodate more than 40 guests, most gulets take only 10 to 12 persons (plus crew; total 20 people is often maximum). Also, on a gulet, all cabins are located on the main deck and all have private bathrooms.
Since they are smaller, they are more often chartered whole, but it is also possible to charter a cabin or a berth.

All gulets are nicely furnished and fully equipped for a pleasurable sail. They are often chartered by families and larger groups. If you charter the whole ship to yourselves, you can easily agree with the captain and the crew regarding itinerary, menu, leisure time activities…
Cruising Adriatic on these wooden ships is favoured due to many islands and picturesque towns you visit on your route. The crew will help you with their professional advice, take care of your comfort and safety, and all you should do is relax and have fun.

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Radek (Czech Republic), We are enjoying ourselves and the boat you provided enormously! Baska Voda is great and so is the boat. We like it here so much that we are definitely coming back this August. Sincerely Yours
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Colin (UK), We had a marvellous holiday and I am writing to thank you for all your help and assistance. The boat was presented in excellent condition, exceptionally clean and very well equipped. The team at Kremik were first class and I would ask that you thank them for all their efforts.
Having normally sailed in Greece and Turkey, we found the Croatia experience a refreshing change with beautiful scenery, unspoilt villages, excellent and varied food, first class marinas and friendly people. We crammed a great deal into the week and have come home with many happy memories - it was great holiday!
We'll be back!
Richard (UK), We had a most wonderful time. And we were looked after superbly by both you and the Marina office, in particular Anna who was brilliant and v helpful.
I will certainly be coming back to you. It was a great hols and we were treated professionally. Thank you for all you did to ensure all went well.
My best wishes and we will no doubt be in touch.
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Alexander (Russia), Thank You a lot! That was amazing trip! You got a such a nice country! So nice people!
The nature is just perfect!
Thank You so much!
Massimo (Italy), I just want to tell you that our experience sailing Croatia was absolutely positive. The marina staff was very friendly and helpful, they were of great assistance and gave us all necessary information. The boat was just as I had expected, clean and in good condition and we had no problems while sailing.
I was a bit worried something might go wrong because this was the first time we booked a charter through your agency and on-line but this experience proved us how efficient and reliable you are.
Congratulations and thank you. We will definitely be back and until then I send you kind regards.
Marko (Serbia), It was great meeting you.
The cruise was great. Our skipper was excellent; he thought us a thing or two about sailing, and showed us some beautiful places.
Thank you a lot.
Allan (UK), We would like to thank your company for a fantastic trip. In particular we were extremely happy with our captain. He was a superb captain and all of the crew was extremely pleased to have him on board. He also suggested a very enjoyable route for the trip. Our particular boat was also in perfect condition and we only had smooth sailing over the seven days.
I will definitely be recommending your company to friends who are interested in visiting Croatia.
Thanks again.
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