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Marco  e-motion 32
Marco e-motion 322010.9.98 m (32.7 ft)
1 Cabins2 BerthsAt marina:Primostenfrom 4,830€SPECIAL OFFER
Sacs Strider 10
Sacs Strider 102014.9.9 m (32.5 ft)
0 Cabins0 BerthsAt marina:Splitfrom 3,900€SPECIAL OFFER
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ZAR 85 SL2017.8.5 m (27.9 ft)
1 Cabins2 BerthsAt marina:Biogradfrom 1,900€SPECIAL OFFER
Online availability
Brig Eagle 645
Brig Eagle 6452009.6.48 m (21.3 ft)
0 Cabins0 BerthsAt marina:Primostenfrom 1,750€SPECIAL OFFER
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Capelli Tempest 700 Sun
Capelli Tempest 700 Sun2018.7.15 m (23.5 ft)
0 Cabins0 BerthsAt marina:Zadarfrom 1,429€SPECIAL OFFER
Online availability
Valiant 750 Vanguard
Valiant 750 Vanguard2012.7.5 m (24.6 ft)
0 Cabins0 BerthsAt marina:Tribunjfrom 899€SPECIAL OFFER

Ribs for charter Croatia - Charter offer

We have different types of rib boats in our offer, ranging from 5 up to 15 meters. These inflatable boats are ideal for one week charter in Croatia if you decide to rent accommodation by the sea and you want to explore nearby islands and bays. You can also rent a rib boat for a daily charter trip to visit Croatia islands. Speedboats can be chartered bareboat or with skipper if you do not possess the necessary license. Ribs are often used as a tender to motor yachts or mega yachts.
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