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Mini Cruiser Custom Louise for sale
Custom Louise1973.20.78 m (68.2 ft)
3 Cabins6 BerthsAt marina:Rabfrom 10,500€

Rab - Mini cruisers

Rab is an island in the Kvarner Bay, consisting of sharp rocky cliff on the east coast and sandy beaches, ranges covered with underbrush and forests of Mediterranean oak on the south side. It consists mainly of limestone, forming two elevations, in the northeast the biggest peak is Kamenjak (408 m), and in the southwest Kalifront (97 m). Rab is one of the sunniest parts of Europe. Calcareous parts of the island, especially Kalifront places overgrown with underbrush and forests of Mediterranean oak, cedar, mulberry and several pine species. In the central, cultivable part of the island grow mostly olives, grapes and vegetables.