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Charter regions


Istria is Croatia’s largest peninsula, and it is known for attractive coastline, historical towns and gastronomy.

There are many differences between the inland and the coastal areas, but they are both appealing in their own way. The coasts of Istria (particularly the west coast) are characterized by fine beaches, numerous small islands in front of the coast and rich cultural and entertainment offer in towns.

The most attractive locations on the coast are:

The list of marinas in Istria


Kvarner is geographically particularly diverse region, consisting of mountainous inland, narrow coastal strip with 4 Rivieras and many islands in the Bay of Kvarner.

This region has the longest tradition in tourism in Croatia, thanks to exquisite nature beauty, historical heritage and widely known healing characteristics of climate and vegetation. In this region you’ll find:

The list of marinas in Kvarner

North Dalmatia

The region of North Dalmatia comprises the Zadar hinterland (a lowland Ravni Kotari), coastal strip and numerous islands of the Zadar archipelago. This region is a favourite sailing ground, due to particularly indented coast, many islands and favourable winds. This is the regon with the largest concentration of marinas. Especially attractive locations are:

List of marinas in North Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia

This region comprises wider Split area (Dalmatinska Zagora) and the islands in the Split archipelago.

Due to rich and exciting history, Middle Dalmatia is particularly diverse – the influence of Turkish conquests can be seen in the inland (centuries old game Alka in Sinj), and Mediterranen influences are recognizable in architecture, speech, diet and all other aspects of lifestyle on the islands.

The list of marinas in central Dalmatia

South Dalmatia

South Dalmatia is a region that is almost completely oriented towards the sea.

Dubrovnik, a cultural pearl of Croatian Adriatic and Mediterranean is an administrative centre and the only larger town. This region is known as an elegant and exclusive destination, attractive for its entertainment offer, historical heritage and landscape beauty.

If you are in South Dalmatia, we recommend visiting:

List of marinas in South Dalmatia