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Crewed charter

If you charter bigger yachts, longer than 50 feet, you will probably get at least two crew members with her. Luxury yachts are chartered only with the full crew. Still, why wouldn’t you want to have a few people who will take care of absolutely everything on board, while everything that you do is relax and have fun?

On these yachts, crew quarters are separate from the guest area, so you have your privacy.
The crew consists of captain, sailor, hostess and chef, and sometimes there is also a guard.

Each of them has their duties, and they are all professionals on which you can rely to keep things in order and under control.
The captain is in charge of navigating the yacht and setting the itinerary in agreement with you. Sailor is servicing boat, keeping her in good condition, helps the captain, assist with docking, and takes care of other minor maintenance while hostess makes sure that interior of the boat is clean and tidy. The chef is in charge of preparing meals and supplying the boat with food and beverages. You can read more detailed descriptions of the jobs of all crew member in the Crew section.
If you have an entire crew at your disposal, you do not have to worry about cooking, shopping, cleaning, managing the boat or navigation. All you need to do is to relax, enjoy the comfort of the luxury yacht and scenic beauty around you.


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