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List of all motor sailers for charter in Croatia

These large motor sailers will certainly show you what a true pleasure of sailing is. In addition to pleasant ambiance and a unique experience of sailing on a traditional wooden ship, there is a full crew on board who take care of everything – navigation, cleaning, food, fees in marinas… All you need to do is to relax, enjoy the wonderful scenery around you and explore the towns you visit.
Routes are designed by experienced professionals – ships’ captains and travel agents – and you can rely on them to create an itinerary that allows you to visit the most attractive locations. However, in case of bad weather or lack of berths at settled marina, the captain can slightly change the route.

Motor sailer cruises are popular among people of all ages. It also doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone or in a group, because you always meet new people on board.
All ships are not the same category and size, so you shouldn’t have any trouble having one that fully meets your needs and requirements (double bed, private bathroom…).
You can charter the whole ship or just a cabin (or even a berth, if you don’t mind sharing a cabin with a stranger), which is also subject to your preferences. If you charter the entire ship, you can easily set all details regarding menus, changing the route and other with the crew.

Most agents sell you half board (breakfast and lunch), but there is sometimes an opportunity to pay extra for dinner on board (although it is probably more pleasant to dine out at one of the restaurants).
Besides food, you can have various sports’ equippment on board, but you must ask for them extra when making your booking. Before booking you must also make all special requests you might have.

Wooden ships had been the sole means of transportation to distant destinations for centuries. They originated in East Mediterranean.
Motor sailers we have today are replicas of the middle-aged models, and are available only in Croatia, Greece and Turkey. The reason for this lies, besides tradition, in very indented coastline with thousands of islands – an ideal setting for light and romantic cruises, so called “island hopping”.


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