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Croatia info

Croatia is a small but diverse country located at the point where Pannonian plain, Adriatic Sea and mountain range of Dinarides intercept. Its long and exciting history left a rich heritage that attracts milliones of visitors every year. The beauty of preserved nature, clean sea and thousands of islands is wide known, and fine wining and dining is just a small part of what Croatia has to offer.
Find your piece of Adriatic, explore and enjoy the intact nature, so rare in todays world, have fun and relax…
You’ll find all this and much, much more in Croatia.


In this section you’ll find general information about the country, less known interesting facts and information about the climate, sea, winds and other things that are good to know, regardless wheter you’re a Croat or a foreigner.


Learn about the best sailing grounds in the Adriatic, marinas, charter laws and regulations… We also suggest some interesting routs for pleasant and fun sailing.


So you’d spend your Adriatic holiday as carelessly and pleasantly as possible, we bring you a list of Internet web sites where you’ll find various useful information, as well as information about the cultural and nature heritage and entertainment offer.