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List of all motor yacht for charter in Croatia

Compared to sailboats, motor yachts have a shallower draft, which allows them to enter smaller and shallower inlets. They are also simpler to navigate and don’t require you to have special knowledge and experience. besides, they are comfortable, spacious, nicely furnished, well equipped, and more stabile than sailboats.

One of their key features is speed, so you can visit many places in little time; if you find yourself in a port you don’t particularly like, you can simply and quickly take yourself anywhere. Speedy drive gives you not only freedom of movement, but sense of excitement and pleasure as well. Driving a motor yacht is exciting, joyful and fun.

It is common practice that larger models are chartered with at least one crew member. They are very powerful and they are often difficult to control and navigate so it is important to have an experienced skipper who knows the ship as well as the sailing area. If the yacht is chartered with crew only, there is usually a separate crew cabin. However, if there is no such thing as crew cabin, when choosing a boat for charter keep in mind you need to reserve berths for skipper (and hostess) also.

There are also smaller motor yachts. They are not as comfortable as larger models, but that is also not their main purpose. They are made to take you quickly and easily to your destination.

Also, keep in mind that motor yachts use a lot more fuel than sailboats so you don’t get stuck somewhere at the open sea or surprised by the total amount it will cost you.


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