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Gulet Altair C
Gulet Altair2008.24.5 m (80.4 ft)
6 Cabins12 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 12,600€/ week
Gulet Andi Star C
Gulet Andi Star2001.26 m (85.3 ft)
5 Cabins10 BerthsMarinaTrogirfrom 12,500€/ week
Gulet Krila 7 C
Gulet Krila 72006.24 m (78.7 ft)
6 Cabins12 BerthsMarinaTrogirfrom 12,000€/ week
Gulet Vito C
Gulet Vito2009.27 m (88.6 ft)
6 Cabins12 Berths2 yachtsMarinaSukosanfrom 11,800€/ week
Gulet Tango C
Gulet Tango2005.28 m (91.8 ft)
7 Cabins14 BerthsMarinaTrogirfrom 11,800€/ week
Gulet Bonaventura C
Gulet Bonaventura2003.28.5 m (93.5 ft)
6 Cabins12 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 11,000€/ week
Gulet Sirena C
Gulet Sirena2007.28 m (91.8 ft)
6 Cabins12 BerthsMarinaDubrovnikfrom 10,950€/ week
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Gulet Atalanta C
Gulet Atalanta1998.28 m (91.8 ft)
7 Cabins14 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 10,900€/ week
Gulet Nostalgija C
Gulet Nostalgija1997.25.3 m (83 ft)
5 Cabins11 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 10,500€/ week
Gulet Sedna C
Gulet Sedna1998.21 m (68.9 ft)
3 Cabins7 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 10,500€/ week
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Gulet Mala Kate C
Gulet Mala Kate1942.21.7 m (71.2 ft)
12 Cabins24 BerthsMarinaOmisfrom 9,900€/ week
Gulet Adonis C
Gulet Adonis1997.24.5 m (80.4 ft)
6 Cabins12 BerthsMarinaRijekafrom 9,600€/ week
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Gulet Dona C
Gulet Dona1990.25 m (82 ft)
5 Cabins10 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 9,500€/ week
Gulet Primorac C
Gulet Primorac2000.20.72 m (68 ft)
8 Cabins16 BerthsMarinaOmisfrom 9,170€/ week
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Gulet San C
Gulet San2005.22 m (72.2 ft)
6 Cabins12 Berths2 yachtsMarinaTrogirfrom 8,900€/ week
Gulet Ana I C
Gulet Ana I1989.21 m (68.9 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsMarinaDubrovnikfrom 7,500€/ week
Gulet Pulenat C
Gulet Pulenat1994.22 m (72.2 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsMarinaDubrovnikfrom 7,200€/ week
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Gulet Babac C
Gulet Babac1995.18 m (59 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsMarinaTrogirfrom 7,000€/ week
Gulet Prvi Odisej C
Gulet Prvi Odisej1994.28 m (91.8 ft)
6 Cabins12 BerthsMarinaSplitfrom 7,000€/ week
Gulet Dolin C
Gulet Dolin1946.25 m (82 ft)
5 Cabins10 BerthsMarinaTrogirfrom 6,800€/ week
Gulet Santa Maria C
Gulet Santa Maria2008.18.3 m (60 ft)
4 Cabins8 BerthsMarinaKastela, Splitfrom 6,000€/ week
Gulet Nevijana C
Gulet Nevijana1958.14 m (45.9 ft)
3 Cabins7 BerthsMarinaTrogirfrom 4,500€/ week
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Gulet Larus C
Gulet Larus2008.17.5 m (57.4 ft)
3 Cabins8 BerthsMarinaPirovacfrom 3,600€/ week
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Gulets Croatia - Charter offer

Gulets are a special category of motorsailers in Croatia. They are smaller (have maximum 20 berths) and all cabins are on the same, main deck (on standard motor sailers, cabins are located under the deck, on the main and upper decks).
Gulets are replicas of old Turkish trade ships. They are all A category, with en-suite bathrooms, nicely furnished and fully crewed. Since they are smaller, they are more often chartered whole, but they are also available for cabin charter.