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Yacht charter

Our main business is chartering all types of boats directly to our clients. Some of the boats that we charter are either the property of our agency or are in our charter management program. The rest of them we charter through our partner agencies (charter agent). Our offer includes different models of sailing and motor yachts, catamarans, mega yachts, as well as motor sailers and gulets, situated in marinas along the entire Adriatic coast. We give you the opportunity of bareboat or crewed charter, depending on your preferences and boat type you charter. Our complete offer of boats for charter, as well as other useful information, you will find in the Yacht Charter section.

Yacht brokerage

Our agency offers you our brokerage service in yacht trade. We are specialized in both selling and buying boats, second-hand and new models, motor or sailing boats of all sizes. Due to our long-term experience and expertise, you can rely on us for quality support and advice. Our agents will guide you trough the entire process of buying or selling a boat. They will also take care of the paperwork, keeping your interests on mind the whole time. Check our current offer of boats for sale and learn more about possibilities of yacht trade in Yacht Brokerage section.

Charter management

Charter management program includes services of booking your boat for charter and servicing her. Depending on your needs, you can choose one or both of these services.
Charter management is primarily intended for everyone who wants to buy a boat (usually a new one), or for those who already own a good boat they rarely use. You can use the charter income to cover the payments and maintenance costs, but do not indulge into yacht purchase if you what you really want is making money through charter management. The purpose of this program is to enable you to buy and maintain your boat, and not to make big profit. Read more in Charter Management Section.

Yacht maintenance

Our service of servicing boats is intended to owners who, for some reason, can’t take care of their boats. If you live far from the sea or if you just don’t have time to regularly check on your boat, maintain and service her, you can rely on our professional staff to do it for you. Boats that are rarely used and which are not regularly serviced wear out quickly. It is very important to protect them from strong sun, wind, moisture, rust… It’s enough to omit doing the regular servicing for just one year to cause great damage.
Our yacht maintenance service includes three levels: regular, investment and special maintenance. Which of these models you’ll choose depends on your personal involvement, condition of the boat and her purpose. Read more at Yacht Maintenance section.

Yacht crew

Most of our guests are not experienced yachtsmen, capable of navigating a vessel themselves. Many of them don’t even want to be responsible for navigating a boat because all they want to do is relax. In this case, hire a skipper. Most of the larger yachts are available for crewed charter only, but if this is not the case, we’ll hire them at your request. If you want to have a professional crew member on board, you don’t have to bother finding them yourselves, we will find for you experienced professionals who you can completely rely on.
Just one thing – when choosing a boat, keep in mind to save a place to sleep for the crew, and we’ll take care of the rest. More on the obligations of every crew member read in The Crew section.


Our main businesses are chartering yachts and appearing as brokers in yacht trade. In addition to these, we give the opportunity to advertise on our web site through banner ads, link exchange and special listing of your boats for sale.
Everyone who is in some way related to nautics and nautical tourism are welcome to advertise on our site, but we don’t take ads from other yacht charter and broker agents. Read more about advertising at Croatia Yacht Charter in the section Advertising.