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If you don’t have enough yachting experience, don’t have necessary licences or if you simply want to relax on your vacation and not to worry about anything, you’ll hire a skipper, and maybe even a hostess (depending on your needs, preferences and how much room on board you have).
Having a professional skipper on board can make your sailing experience much more pleasant and enjoyable. If you don’t have enough sailing experience or if you have some doubts about your skills don’t hesitate to rely on a professional. He’ll drive the boat and take care of her, but he’ll also give you some sailing advice, suggest routes, answer most of your questions, show you some fine restaurants and help you to find your way in a (probably) unknown area.

Because of their size, power and price, larger yachts can be chartered only with skipper or crew, and there is usually a separate crew cabin. However, if there isn’t one on board, keep in mind to save a berth for the skipper. Besides sleeping, you are also responsible for the food for the crew so don’t forget about that when buying groceries or going out to the restaurant.
All these things also go for the hostess.
She’ll cook and keep the boat clean, but she can also give you various useful advice and suggestions.

Skipper and hostess take care of the boat, while you relax and enjoy your vacation. Some guests sometimes forget what their jobs are, and treat them as personal servants, which is, of course, not true. You can read more about the jobs of skipper, hostess and other crew members in The Crew section.

If you want to hire a skipper or hostess, don’t forget why they’re there for and treat them with respect so you could all have a fun and enjoyable week.


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